Our certificate programs in liberal arts aim to enhance individuals’ knowledge in their chosen fields for either career advancement or personal enrichment. The Basic Program in particular offers a rigorous liberal arts curriculum structured around classroom discussions, covering a variety of texts on social and political thought.

The Basic Program also offers course specifically tailored toward their alumni. Please see those courses here: Basic Program: Core Curriculum Alumni

Liberal Arts Open Courses

Building on its dedication to open inquiry, the Graham School offers a collection of noncredit courses with the flexibility of an open enrollment structure, where no applications are required. Courses are available in formats such as weekly discussions and daylong seminars.


ACAIAA - Islamic Art & Architecture
ACCBAL - Buddhism and Literature in South Asia
ACCBIE - Barbarian Invasion of the Middle East
ACCCAK - Christ and Krishna: Comparing the New Testament
ACCCHL - Contemporary Chinese Literature
ACCCON - Confucius
ACCDAO - Daoism
ACCHIN - Hinduism
ACCIEP - Indian Epic
ACCIHT - Ismaili History and Thought
ACCIJ3 - Introduction to Japanese Civilization, Part 3
ACCIJC - Introduction to Japanese Civilization, Part 1
ACCIKC - Introduction to Korean Civilization
ACCIMT - Indian Mystical Traditions
ACCISH - Islam: Scriptures, Histories, Cultures
ACCMIR - Modern India: Religion, Culture, Politics
ACCMIS - Middle East Year
ACCPMI - The Poetry of Muhammad Iqbal
ACCRAI - Reflecting in Ancient India
ACCSAA - Scholars and Adventurers Classical Muslim Autobiographies
ACCSSI - Six Schools of Indian Philosophy
ACCTCP - Chinese Philosophy in Context
ACCTIB - Tibetan Buddhism
ACCTIL - Tibetan Literature
ACCTJH - Islamic Civilization through Jewish History
ACCTMA - The Mahabharata
ACCTTB - Theories and Methods: Tibetan Buddhism
ACCVO2 - Islamicate 2Reading the Venture of Islam
ACCVO3 - Islamicate 3 - Reading The Venture of Islam
ACCVOI - Islamicate 1Reading the Venture of Islam
ACCWRA - World Religions: Ancient and Abrahamic Traditions
ACCWRE - World Religions: Eastern Traditions
ACCYSP - Yogs Sutras of Patanjali
ACCZNB - Zen Buddhism
ACDCHT - Cultural Heritage: Theory, Preservation, Ethics
ACDLEA - Leadership
ACDMED - Meditation
ACDMEH - Middle Eastern History (600 CE to present)
ACDSAV - Sects and Violence: Islams Communal Struggle
ACDYOB - Yoga on the Brain
ACEAWT - Eastern and Western Tales
ACECCY - Contemporary Chinese Literature: Mo Yan
ACEDAS - Arab Spring
ACEEWP - Eastern and Western Philosophy
ACELDL - Love in a Dead Language
ACERHQ - Reality 101: Hindu and Quantumn Perspectives
ACESTM - Sufis, Theologians, and Martyrs:
ACNVIS - Novel Voices of Islam
ACSHTH - Shi'a History & Thought
ACTMAO - Theories and Methods: Approaching the Other
ACUALG - Al-Ghazali: The Alchemy of Islamic Thought
ACUBOL - Contemporary Bollywood
ACUCCK - Hinduism 101
ACUCRA - Comparative Religions of Asia
ACUIMC - Intro to Islam and Muslim Civilizations
ACUNAR - Intro to Nagarjuna
ACUQUR - The Qur'an
ACURU1 - The Prose of Rumi
ACURUM - Poetry of Rumi
ACUYOG - Yoga, Tantra, and Indian Mysticism
ACYOGA - The Yoga Sutras
ACYR01 - Asian Classics Year One
ACYR02 - Asian Classics Year Two
ACYR03 - Asian Classics Year Three
ACYRCH - The China Year
ACYRIN - The India Year
ACYRJA - The Japan Year
ACYRME - The Middle East Year
ARAL10101 - Beginning Arabic Certificate Part 1
ARAL10102 - Beginning Arabic Certificate Part 2
ARAL10103 - Beginning Arabic Certificate Part 3
ARAL10104 - Beginning Arabic Certificate Part 4
ARAL10111 - Beginning Arabic Non-certificate Part 1
ARAL10112 - Beginning Arabic Non-certificate Part 2
ARAL10113 - Beginning Arabic Non-certificate Part 3
ARAL20101 - Continuing Arabic Certificate Part 1
ARAL20102 - Continuing Arabic Certificate Part 2
ARAL20103 - Continuing Arabic Certificate Part 3
ARAL20104 - Continuing Arabic Certificate Part 4
ARAL20111 - Continuing Arabic Non-certificate Part 1
ARAL20112 - Continuing Arabic Non-certificate Part 2
ARAL20113 - Continuing Arabic Non-certificate Part 3
ARAL30101 - Spoken Colloquial Arabic Certificate Part 1
ARAL30102 - Spoken Colloquial Arabic Certificate Part 2
ARAL30111 - Spoken Colloquial Arabic Part 1
ARAL30112 - Spoken Colloquial Arabic Part 2
ARAL89010 - Intoduction to Islamic Art
ARAL89011 - The Modern History of Lebanon
ARAL89012 - Introduction to the Arabic Dialects
BASC10101 - Basic Program Year One: Autumn
BASC10102 - Basic Program Year One
BASC10202 - Basic Program Year One: Winter
BASC10302 - Basic Program Year Three
BASC10303 - Basic Program Year One: Spring
BASC10402 - Basic Program Year Four
BASC14001 - Autumn Symposium: Selections from The Federalist Papers
BASC14003 - Toni Morrison's Beloved
BASC15003 - Spring Break In Greece
BASC20101 - Basic Program Year Two: Autumn
BASC20202 - Basic Program Year Two: Winter
BASC20303 - Basic Program Year Two: Spring
BASC30101 - Basic Program Year Three: Autumn
BASC30202 - Basic Program Year Three: Winter
BASC30303 - Basic Program Year Three: Spring
BASC40101 - Basic Program Year Four: Autumn
BASC40202 - Basic Program Year Four: Winter
BASC40303 - Basic Program Year Four: Spring
BASC50011 - Metamorphoses of Ovid
BASC50012 - The Metamorphoses of Ovid
BASC50013 - Ovid Metamorphoses
BASC50021 - Turn of Century Bohemians: Kafka and Rilke
BASC50031 - Art of the Novella
BASC50032 - Three Counterlives by Philip Roth
BASC50041 - The Torah: Genesis
BASC50042 - Torah: Exodus to Numbers
BASC50043 - Torah: The Book of Numbers and Deuteronomy
BASC50052 - Jewish Antiquities at the Turn of the Era
BASC50061 - Birth and Rebirth of Early Rome: Livy and Plutarch
BASC50062 - Cicero's Political Thought
BASC50063 - Steinbeck:Tortilla Flat,The Log from the Sea of Cortez...
BASC50072 - Two Devils: Goethe's Faust and Mann's Doctor
BASC50082 - Tolstoy's Anna Karenina
BASC50092 - Radical Evil and Banality of Evil
BASC61211 - Alumni Sequence: The Romans II
BASC61212 - Alumni Sequence: The Romans II
BASC61213 - Alumni Sequence: The Romans II
BASC62111 - Alumni Sequence: The Modern Tradition I
BASC62112 - Alumni Sequence: The Modern Tradition I
BASC62113 - Alumni Sequence: The Modern Tradition I
BASC62122 - Alumni Sequence: The Modern Tradition I
BASC70011 - Downton Abbey Revisited: Seasons 1 and 2
BASC70012 - Downton Abbey Revisited: Seasons 3 and 4
BASC70013 - Revisiting Downton Abbey - Seasons 5 and 6
BASC70014 - Cosmos and Cinema - Mysteries of Projective Identification
BASC70021 - The Tragedies
BASC70022 - The Complete Shakespeare: The Histories
BASC70023 - The Complete Shakespeare: The Comedies
BASC70024 - Dylan Thomas' Poetry
BASC70032 - Time Has No Future: Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou
BASC70033 - The Devil: Romantic and Modernist
BASC70034 - Stoppard's The Real Thing and The Hard Problem
BASC70043 - Basic Program Exploration of the Visual Arts
BASC70052 - Time and Temporality in Shakespeare and Faulkner
BASC70053 - William Faulkner and Flannery O'Connor-Two Southern Mystics
BASC70064 - Beckett's Happy Days and Endgame
BASC70073 - The Significance of Education in John Stuart Mill's....
BASC70074 - Philip Roth's Sabbath's Theater
BASC70084 - Faulkner's As I Lay Dying and Alice Walker's Color Purple
BASC70094 - Chekhov and Carver: Two Masters of Short Story
BASC70104 - Wittgenstein's On Certainty
BASC70114 - The Silver Age of Russian Poetry
BASC70124 - Abraham Lincoln, Religion and Slavery in America
BASC70134 - Joseph Conrad, the Outsider
BASC70144 - Novels of Willa Cather: My Antonia,Death Comes for Arch....
BASC70311 - Eros & Power, Hidden & Confused:Shakespeare's As You Like...
BASC70411 - A Basic Program Exploration of the Visual Arts
BASC70511 - Legality and Morality: The Quest for Certainty
BASC70611 - Rousseau on Ethical Significance of Education
BASC80111 - Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice as Christian Comedy
BASC80121 - Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice as Christian Comedy
BASC80122 - Up From Slavery: Selected African-American Classics
BASC80123 - Freud on the Human Condition
BASC80211 - Man as Woman as Man: Reveries on As You Like It...
BASC80214 - The Qur'an
BASC80221 - Shakespeares Henriad
BASC80222 - Rousseau: Grandfather of Progressive Education?
BASC80223 - Church and State:Exploring Kant's Religion.....
BASC80224 - Pirsig's Progress: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle...
BASC80321 - Socrates Who Does (Not) Know:Gorgias,Charmides,Laches, Lysis
BLSERS - Board Leadership Series
BPAAAC - Before The Audacity of Hope
BPAAAM - Political Theology: Apocalypse, Augustine, Milton
BPAAKR - Anna Karenina and Selected Russian Short Stories
BPAAKS - Tolstoy's Anna Karenina and Selected Short Stories
BPAALP - Another Look at Plato's Republic
BPAAM1 - The American Experience: The Democratic Venture
BPAAM2 - The American Experience: American Novels&Poetry
BPAAM3 - The American Experience: Nature and Society
BPAANE - Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics
BPAANL - American Literature: The Nobel Laureates
BPAANO - Religion, Ethics, & Morality: Alienation, Nihilism, and Overcoming?
BPAANT - Anthem for Doomed Youth: Literature of the Great War
BPAARM - Ayn Rand and the Moral Defense of Capitalism
BPAAS1 - The Astonishing Beauty of Things
BPAAS2 - The Pleasure Appropriate to Tragedy
BPAASG - The Apologies of Socrates & the Gospels of Jesus
BPAASW - Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
BPAATW - Anthony Trollope's The Way We Live Now
BPAAUB - Augustine and Boethius
BPABAH - Before the Audacity of Hope
BPABAS - Religion, Ethics & Morality: Belief and Society
BPABCI - "Literary Cityscapes: ""Consume My Heart Away"""
BPABEO - Heaney's Beowulf
BPABMB - Literary Cityscapes: Bombay Time and Bombay Love
BPABNT - The Bible: New Testament
BPABOP - The Book of Psalms
BPABPW - The Bible: Prophets and Writings
BPABRO - The Brothers Karamazov
BPABTP - The Bible: Torah/Pentateuch
BPABVA - A Basic Program Re-Opening to the Visual Arts
BPACAI - Literary Cityscapes: Passion, Decadence and Revival
BPACCO - Cicero
BPACED - Classics of Education
BPACEE - Cityscapes: Ecstacies of an Eroding Empire
BPACHA - Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales
BPACIT - Augustine's City of God
BPACLB - Cityscapes: The Literature of Budapest
BPACLJ - Conrad's Lord Jim & Nostromo/ Fielding's Tom Jones
BPACLW - Cicero's Laws
BPACMG - Creation In Mesopotamia And Greece
BPACRP - Cicero's Republic
BPACSC - The Complete Plays of Shakespeare III: The Comedies
BPACSH - The Complete Shakespeare II: The Histories
BPACST - The Complete Shakespeare I: The Tragedies
BPACTR - Continuing the Rotation: Novels & Shakespeare
BPACUT - Tom Stoppard's Coast of Utopia Trilogy
BPADID - Dostovesky's The Idiot
BPADL1 - Machiavelli: The Discourses on Livy
BPADL2 - Machiavelli: The Discourses on Livy
BPADL3 - Machiavelli: The Discourses on Livy
BPADL4 - Machiavelli: The Discourses on Livy
BPADOP - Donne: Poetry and Prose
BPADPP - Dante: Purgatoria, Paradiso
BPADSL - Gogol's Dead Souls & Other Adventures
BPADSN - Dickens' Shorter Novels
BPAEAP - Western Metaphysics & Practical Philosophy II
BPAECI - 18th Century Innovation
BPAECO - Epic & Comedy, Part 2
BPAEME - Emerson's Essays
BPAEMF - Existentialism, Modernist Fiction
BPAEON - Eugene O'Neill: The American Shakespeare?
BPAEPC - Epic and Comedy, Part 1
BPAEPF - Enlightened Philosophy and Fiction (Tom Jones)
BPAEPL - The Enlightenment: Philosophy & Literature
BPAEPM - Enlightened Philosophy and Fiction (Middlemarch)
BPAEWD - American Masters: Emerson, Whitman, and Dickinson
BPAFAF - Federalist and AntiFederalist
BPAFAM - From the Attic/Middlemarch
BPAFBP - A Further Basic Program Immersion in the Visual Arts
BPAFED - The Federalist Papers
BPAFHC - Freud on the Human Condition
BPAFHE - Foundations of Western Metaphysics: Heidegger & the End...
BPAFHH - From Heaven and Hell to WH
BPAFKC - Foundations of Western Metaphysics: Kants Critique of Judgment
BPAFOS - The Many Facets of Seneca
BPAFPN - French Philosophy and Novels: Montaigne/Rousseau
BPAFPS - Storytelling: French Psychological Novels
BPAFT1 - Masterpieces of French Thought
BPAFT2 - Masterpieces of French: Thought
BPAFT3 - Masterpieces of French Thought
BPAFTA - From the Attic/Tom Jones
BPAFW4 - Finnegans Wake IV
BPAFW6 - Finnegans Wake VI
BPAFWG - Foundational Works of Western Metaphysics
BPAFWH - Foundations of Western Metaphysics: David Hume, the Enquiries
BPAFWI - Religion, Ethics & Morality
BPAFWK - Foundational Works of Western Metaphysics, Part 2:
BPAFWT - Foundational Works of Western Metaphysics, Part 3
BPAGAR - Golden Age Roman Writers
BPAGCL - The Socrates Who Does (Not) Know: Gorgias...
BPAGCW - Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath, Cannery Row, and Winter of...
BPAGKM - Greek Mythology
BPAGOJ - The Gospel of John and the Epistles of John
BPAGTN - The Genius of Goethe: Goethe the Novelist
BPAHBP - Foundational Works of Western Metaphysics: Heidegger's...
BPAHEI - Heidegger's Being and Time
BPAHGP - How the Greek Playwrights Spoke to One Another
BPAHIM - Historiography in the Mediterranean World
BPAHOH - Herodotus: The Histories
BPAHPH - Foundational Works of Western Metaphysics: Hegel's...
BPAHTH - Herodotus: The History
BPAITW - The Idiot and 3 Shorter Works
BPAJB1 - Thomas Mann: Joseph and His Brothers I
BPAJB2 - Thomas Mann: Joseph and His Brothers II
BPAJHB - Thomas Manns Joseph and His Brothers
BPAJJR - Rousseau, The First and Second Discourses and The Social...
BPAJJU - James Joyce's Ulysses
BPAJOY - Joyce's Finnegans Wake
BPAKAR - The Brothers Karamazov
BPAKCJ - Kant's Critique of Judgment
BPAKEO - Kierkegaard's Either/Or
BPAKPR - Kafka & Borges: A Parallel Reading
BPAKYO - Literary Cityscapes: Kyoto
BPALAN - Western Metaphysics & Practical Philosophy III: Levinas...
BPALC1 - Abraham Lincoln, Before the War
BPALC2 - Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War
BPALC3 - Ulysses S Grant and Abraham Lincoln
BPALST - Locke's Second Treatise of Government
BPAMAP - Middlemarch and Persuasion
BPAMBF - Mikhail Bulgakov's Fiction
BPAMDB - Moby Dick and the Bible: Visions of Good and Evil
BPAMDJ - The Metamorphoses of Don Juan
BPAMES - Montaigne's Essais
BPAMGP - Maimonides Guide of the Perplexed
BPAMIC - Michel Foucault
BPAMIN - Cityscapes: Modern Indian Novels: A Suitable Boy
BPAMLL - From Baker Street to Bloomsbury: Modern Literary London
BPAMMW - Mythology in the Mediterranean World
BPAMSL - Montesquieu: The Spirit of Laws
BPAMTM - Medieval to Modern: The Guide for the Perplexed...
BPANAS - Nietzsche's Also Sprach Zarathustra
BPANEO - Neo-Platonism: Plotinuss Enneads
BPAOBW - Speech and Evil: Othello, Billy Budd and William Gass's...
BPAOMM - Ovid's Metamorphoses
BPAPAB - Petrarch and Boccaccio
BPAPAE - Plutarch and Emerson
BPAPAN - Foundational Works of Western Metaphysics: Spinoza...
BPAPAT - Perception and Thinking in Aristotle and Aquinas
BPAPDS - Paradise Lost
BPAPHM - Poe, Hawthorne, and Melville: Stories
BPAPHT - Pasternak, His times, and His Peers
BPAPIL - Philosophy in Literature: Virginia Woolf and Toni Morrison
BPAPLL - Platos Laws
BPAPLR - Platos Republic
BPAPLS - Plato's Protagoras and Euthypro:
BPAPNF - Freedom and Mortality: Philosophy and Nabokovs Fiction
BPAPOB - Selected Plays of Samuel Beckett
BPAPOD - """Modern Reality"" and the Poetics of Difficulty..."
BPAPOP - Poetry Of Ovid, Prose Of Cervantes
BPAPPP - Unacknowledged Legislators: Politics, Poetry, Philosophy
BPAPPV - Pragmatism
BPAPRK - Practical Reason in Kant: Grounding in Action
BPAPRO - Proust's In Search of Lost Time
BPAPSH - In the Beginning was Pushkin
BPAPSL - Pioneers in Sociology and Literature: Weber and Middlemarch
BPAPSP - Plato's Symposium and Phaedrus
BPAPUC - Exploring Opera: From Early Greek Tragedy to Puccini
BPARGL - Rebellion: Gain and Loss
BPARIL - The Iliad, Revisited
BPARIM - Revelation in the Mediterranean World
BPARMH - Reading Martin Heidegger's Being and Time
BPAROL - Selected Readings on Liberty, Equality, and Modern Constitutionalism
BPARPP - Russia Poetic and Prosaic: Pushkin and Gogol
BPARPT - Rousseau's Political Thought
BPARSS - Russia in Short Stories
BPARWE - American Transcendentalism: Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson
BPASAE - Speech & Evil: Shakespeare, Melville and Gass
BPASCP - Shakespeares Complete Plays
BPASHO - Shakespeare and His Others
BPASHP - Shakespeare: History Plays
BPASNO - Faulkner: The Snopes Trilogy
BPASO2 - Selected Short Stories of Thomas Mann and Leo Tolstoy Pt 2
BPASOM - Selected Short Stories of Thomas Mann and Leo Tolstoy Pt 1
BPASPP - Shakespeare's Problem Plays
BPASS1 - Classics of Modern Social Science I
BPASS2 - Classics of Modern Social Science II
BPASWD - The Socrates Who Does (Not) Know
BPATAC - Town and Country: British 19th C Literature by
BPATBS - Two by Saul Bellow: Seize the Day and Herzog
BPATCN - Ten 20th-Century Novellas
BPATDA - Tocqueville's Democracy in America
BPATGB - The Golden Bowl
BPATGN - Three Great Novels
BPATHL - Shakespeare's Comic and Tragic Universes
BPATHR - Thucydides, Revisited
BPATHT - The Holy Trible
BPATIN - Gunter Grass: The Tin Drum
BPATJC - Reading the Torah (Pentateuch) in Judaism & Christianity
BPATLM - Literary Cityscapes: The Literature of Moscow
BPATMB - Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks
BPATMM - Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain
BPATMT - The Modern Tradition: The Persistence and Transformations...
BPATOK - Literary Cityscapes: Good Morning Tokyo
BPATOV - The Operas of Verdi
BPATPE - The Pauline Epistles
BPATRN - The Russian Nabokov
BPATSG - The Synoptic Gospels
BPATSP - The Stoic Picaresque
BPATTC - Xenophon and Burke: Two Thoughtful Conservatives
BPAULY - Joyce's Ulysses
BPAVNV - The Victorian Novel: Dickens to Hardy
BPAVOC - Visions of Christ, Cinematic and Textual
BPAVOS - Virgil & Ovid
BPAWAD - Whitman and Dickenson
BPAWAP - War and Peace
BPAWFS - William Faulkners The Sound And The Fury And Absalom, Absalom!
BPAWIR - What is Real, and How Do We Know It?
BPAWIS - Storytelling: The Art and Wisdom of the Short Story
BPAWMP - Western Metaphysics And Practical Philosophy I: Utilitarianism
BPAWWA - Three Women Writers Of The American South
BPAXEH - Xenophons Hellenica
BPOAOT - Hannah Arendt: The Origins of Totalitarianism
BPOAPW - Aphoristic Writings: Paths to Wisdom
BPOBCC - Literary Cityscapes: Berlin-come to the Cabaret
BPOBKD - The Brothers Karamazov as a Dialogue
BPODAC - Detour & Access
BPODEC - Boccaccio's Decameron
BPODPP - Dante : Purgatorio, Paradiso
BPOEPR - The Early Philip Roth
BPOFIP - The Arts of Affluence: Families and Inheritance (Planning)
BPOFPO - Four Puccini Operas
BPOFRC - Freedom Charters
BPOGCC - Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
BPOGGM - Gabriel Garca Mrquez, the Storyteller
BPOHLM - Victor Hugos Les Misrables
BPOIAJ - Innocence and Appetite in Henry James
BPOIGC - Introducing the Great Conversation
BPOKPR - Kafka & Borges: A Parallel Reading
BPOLFP - Letters From Prison
BPOLWE - Literary Cityscapes: Love & War in Edwardian
BPONBA - Nabokov's Ada
BPONLA - Nabokov's Lolita and Ada
BPONPR - Nabokov's Pale Fire
BPOPIW - The Arts of Affluence: (Passive) Investing on Wall Street
BPOPLM - Platos Myths
BPOPLV - Literary Cityscapes: Paris-La Vie Moderne
BPOPOL - Henry James: Portrait of a Lady & The Golden Bowl
BPOPOP - The Power of the Powerless
BPOPRT - Philip Roth's American Trilogy
BPOPSL - Bleak House: Property, Society, and the Law
BPOQOC - Queens of Crime:Writers from the Golden Age of Crime Fiction
BPOROZ - Roth and Zuckerman
BPORPP - Russia Poetic and Prosaic: Pushkin and Gogol
BPORSS - Russia in Short Stories
BPORVA - Re-Encountering the Visual Arts
BPOSET - Steinbecks East Of Eden, Of Mice And Men, And Travels With Charley
BPOSFI - Science Fiction and What it Means to Be Human
BPOSHB - Seamus Heaneys Beowulf
BPOSMM - Speeches that Moved Mountains
BPOSOE - Styles of Extinction in Cormac McCarthy: Blood Meridian...
BPOTCE - 20th Century: through 1920
BPOTCF - 20th Century: 1920-1950
BPOTCN - Ten 20th-Century Novellas
BPOTCT - 20th Century: through 1950-2000
BPOTGA - We Must Not Be Afraid To Be Free: The Trials Of George Anastaplo
BPOTGN - Three Great Novels
BPOTMB - Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks
BPOTWB - Three Works that Enlighten and Inform, Part 2: Beaumarchais
BPOTWC - Three Works that Enlighten and Inform, Part 3: Cervante's
BPOTWV - Three Works that Enlighten and Inform:Part 1 Virgil's Aeneid
BPOVAR - Re-Encountering the Visual Arts
BPOWAD - The Arts of Affluence: Wealth and the American Dream
BPOWDR - The Arts of Affluence: Wealth and the American Dream
BPOWIF - What If?
BPOWJA - What Jane Austen Read
BPOWJG - What Jane Austen Read: Art of the Darkness: The Gothic Novel
BPOWJH - What Jane Austen Read: House Beautiful
BPOWOE - Women on the Edge: Four Plays by Euripides
BPOWOP - Why Opera? Part 1
BPOWRN - Wagner's Ring
BPOWRT - Wagner's Ring, Part 2
BPREPB - Plato's Republic (Wknd)
BPSRO1 - Alumni Roman Sequence Year One
BPUAEN - Virgil's Aeneid, or Love, War, and Divine Wrath..
BPUAIL - Tom Stoppard's Arcadia and The Invention of Love
BPUAKF - Anna Karenina and Freud
BPUAMM - Persig's Progress: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
BPUAUC - Augustine's Confessions
BPUAUD - Auden: Poems and Essays
BPUBBK - Fated Families: The Buddenbrooks
BPUBCE - Before the Cemetery: Eco's Early Novels
BPUBCS - Between Courses: Symposium and other Dinner Conversations
BPUBDD - Readings in Buddhism
BPUBFG - Readings in Buddhism: Flower Garland Sutra
BPUBGO - To Boldly Go
BPUBLE - The Black Experience
BPUBLJ - Boswell's Life of Johnson
BPUBLV - The Master and Margarita
BPUBOR - The World of Jorge Luis Borges
BPUBPW - Readings in Buddhism: The Perfection of Wisdom
BPUBST - "William Faulkner's ""Barn Burning"", The Hamlet and The Town.."
BPUCAT - Willa Cather: The Stories that Won't Quit
BPUCCL - Classics of Children's Literature
BPUCMC - Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy
BPUCOD - Narrative Energies and Mirroring Capacities...
BPUCOI - Uncertainty, Complementarity, and the Copenhagen...
BPUCRG - Cinematic Representations of Gender, Identity and Divinity
BPUCRL - Cicero's Republic and Laws
BPUCTE - Consider the Essay
BPUDBK - Dostoevskys The Brothers Karamazov
BPUDFD - Delivered from Destruction: The Bibles Exodus...
BPUDLA - Divine Love Affairs
BPUDOS - The Death of Socrates: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito and Phaedo
BPUDOV - The Death of Virgil
BPUDUS - Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust
BPUEEC - Ecstasy, Eccentricity, Cruelty and Obsession
BPUEGF - Eros in Gothic Fiction
BPUELN - Up to the Cemetery: Ecos Later Novels
BPUELS - "Another World: A Cross-Cultural Tour of ""Elsewhere"""
BPUEME - Emerson's Essays
BPUEOI - The Evolution of Ideas
BPUETB - Ethical Teachings of Buddhism
BPUEUN - Heidegger's Nietzsche: European Nihilism
BPUEWH - Edith Wharton: The Custom of the Country and...
BPUFAW - Friendship in the Ancient World
BPUFFM - Novels of Thomas Hardy: Far From the Madding Crowd...
BPUFHR - Two Novels of George Eliot
BPUFOT - Norman Maclean and the Forms of Tragedy
BPUFUR - Furious Pursuit (L/E)
BPUFW3 - James Joyce's Finnegans Wake III
BPUFWS - James Joyce's Finnegans Wake V
BPUGDM - William Faukner's Go Down, Moses and Selected Short Stoies
BPUGEM - George Eliot's Middlemarch
BPUGEO - The Early Novels of George Eliot: Adam Bede and The Mill
BPUGER - George Eliot's Romola and Shorter Works
BPUGOC - Great Opera Conductors
BPUGRM - Greek and Roman Mythology
BPUHAN - Heidegger and Nietzsche
BPUHAR - Three Novels by Hardy: The Mayor of Casterbridge...
BPUHBC - Hard-Boiled: Classics of American Crime Fiction
BPUHEN - Shakespeare's Henriad
BPUHIS - Herodotus' History
BPUHLE - Hobbes' Leviathan
BPUHLH - Hellenistic Philosophy
BPUHLP - Heidegger on Language and Poetry
BPUHMA - The Hero in the Middle Ages
BPUHOD - Dostoevsky's House of the Dead
BPUHOT - The History of Time
BPUHPR - Heideggers The Principle of Reason
BPUHUM - Poetry, America, and Immortality
BPUHWI - Heidegger's What is Called Thinking?
BPUIAC - Isaac Asimov and Current Science fiction Writers
BPUIBP - "IL Bel Paese, or, ""The Land Where Lemons Blossom""..."
BPUIDJ - Interfaith Dialogue: Justin's Dialogue with Trypho...
BPUIIR - Imagining Italy: Renaissance to Risorgimento
BPUIPC - Irish Playwrights in Collision: Four by J. M. Synge and...
BPUJAU - Jane Austen: Human Nature and the Age of Enlightenment
BPUJCO - Joseph Conrad, the Outsider
BPUJFJ - Jesus for Jews (and Others)
BPUJJD - James Joyces Dubliners
BPUJJP - James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
BPUJJU - James Joyce's Ulysses
BPUJUB - Three Pivotal Philosophers
BPUKMP - Heidegger's Nietzsche II: The Will to Power as Knowledge...
BPUKOR - The Qur'an
BPULAA - Love, Aggression, Anxiety and Transcendence in Life and Art
BPULBN - Lost Books of the New Testament
BPULBR - Livy Books 31-40: Dawn of the Roman Empire
BPULDF - Little Dorrit: Finance, Society, and Freedom
BPULEK - The Electra Theme in Ancient and Modern Drama
BPULFS - Love, Actually: French Style
BPULJA - Love and Jane Austen
BPUMAE - Mysticism: Attending to the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
BPUMDJ - The Metamorphoses of Don Juan (L/E)
BPUMFT - Medieval Folk Tales
BPUMHN - "Style and Narrative in Cinema: The ""Mining"" of Human Nature"
BPUMLO - Mozart's Last Operas
BPUMMU - Samuel Beckett's Three Novels: Molloy, Malone Dies...
BPUMOD - The Modern Greeks
BPUMSS - Magical Short Stories
BPUMTS - Garca Mrquez, the Storyteller
BPUMUE - Faulkner's The Mansion, The Unvanquished, and...
BPUMWP - Cinematic Treatments of the Mysterious, the Wonderful...
BPUNGM - Nietzsche's Geneology of Morals: A Close Reading
BPUNIC - Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Book 1
BPUNON - Nordic Noir
BPUNOS - Joseph Conrad's Nostromo
BPUNTH - Novels of Thomas Hardy I: Under the Greenwood Tree
BPUNWB - Novels of Thomas Hardy: The Return of the Native and...
BPUOPT - The Best of All Possible Worlds?
BPUPAR - Paradise Lost
BPUPBE - Novels of Thomas Hardy: A Pair of Blue Eyes & The Woodlanders
BPUPBN - Poetics of Biblical Narrative
BPUPCI - Acting In and Acting Out: Styles of Presentation and...
BPUPED - Poetry of Emily Dickinson
BPUPGM - Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins
BPUPLL - Plato's Laws
BPUPLX - Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed
BPUPOA - Friedrich Nietzsche: Prophet of Amorality?
BPUPPH - Prophets and Prophecy in the Hellenistic Age: ...
BPUPPP - Parable, Play, and Possibilty: Jesus and Zhuangzi
BPUPRF - Poetry of Robert Frost
BPUPTT - How to...Influence People: Persuasion in Theory and Practice
BPUQOC - The Queens of Crime: Writers from the Golden Age ...
BPUQUR - The Qur'an
BPURBS - Readings in Buddhism: Selections from Flower Garland Sutra
BPURC2 - Livy: Imperial Chronicler of Ancient Rome, Part 2
BPURC3 - Livy: Imperial Chronicler of Ancient Rome, Part 3
BPURCR - Livy: Republican Chronicler of Imperial Rome
BPURDP - """I am Marie of Roumania"": Dorothy Parker On and Off the Page"
BPURIB - Readings in Buddhism: Exploring the Heart Sutra
BPURNT - Russian Nihlism: Turgenev and Dostoevsky
BPUROU - Rousseau: The Discourses
BPURTW - Residual Statements and Volatile Truths: Reading Thoreau's
BPUSAE - Speech and Evil
BPUSAW - Shakespeare at War
BPUSBL - Socrates' Bucket List: Philosophy as the Art...
BPUSDC - The Dead Sea Scrolls: Their Discovery, Content and Signific
BPUSFG - Stars in Their Courses: Shelby Foote...
BPUSFP - Summer Fitness: Philosophy as Spiritual Exercise
BPUSHO - Readings in Buddhism: Selections from Dogen's
BPUSHS - Shakespeare's Sonnets
BPUSIS - The World in 14 Lines: Studies in Sonnets
BPUSLF - Transformations of Self: The Cinema of Ecstasy, Madness...
BPUSMM - Speeches that Moved Mountains
BPUSON - Shakespeare's Surprising Sonnets
BPUSOP - Plato's Sophist
BPUSPD - Poetry and Selected Prose of John Donne
BPUSPH - Stoic Philosophy: Epictetus, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius
BPUSSF - On Earth as in the Heavens: Spiritual Science Fiction
BPUSSR - Shakespeare and His Sources: The Roman Plays
BPUSTC - Ancient East and Modern West on War (L/E)
BPUSTH - Joyce's Stephen Hero and Chamber Music
BPUSWL - "Proust: ""Swann in Love"""
BPUSWR - Shakespeare's War of the Roses
BPUTAJ - Two by Tom Stoppard: Travesties and Jumpers
BPUTAL - The Talmud
BPUTBG - The Bhagavad-Gita: Truth, Action, and (Mis)interpretation
BPUTED - Cinematic Treatments of Ecstasy and Dissociation
BPUTER - Heidegger's Nietzsche: The Eternal Return
BPUTES - The Early Sleuths: 19th-Century Detective Fiction
BPUTGD - Through a Glass, Darkly
BPUTHB - The Holy TRI-ble: Coordinated Reading from ...
BPUTJC - Selected Poetry of the Bible (formerly:Reading the Torah)
BPUTLR - Tales From The Land of The Rising Sun
BPUTPT - Cinematic Representations of Time, Process
BPUTRC - The Roman Correspondent
BPUTSA - The Socrates Who Does (Not) Know: Gorgias, Charmides, Laches
BPUTSE - T S Eliot's Four Quartets
BPUTSS - Transformations: Stoppard/Shakespeare
BPUTTC - The Twelve Caesars
BPUTTJ - Thomas Hardy: Two on a Tower and Jude the Obscure
BPUTWA - Mark Twain: Humorist or Astute Social Critic?
BPUTWN - "William Faulkner's ""The Town"" and ""The Mansion"""
BPUUWE - Conrad: Under Western Eyes
BPUVAE - Virgil's Aeneid, or the Roman Horse
BPUVDC - "Virgil's Aeneid: ""Da Capo"""
BPUWBY - Selected Poetry of William Butler Yeats
BPUWCM - The World of Czeslaw Milosz
BPUWFA - William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalomi and The Reivers
BPUWFI - William Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust...
BPUWFP - The World of Fernando Pessoa
BPUWFS - William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury...
BPUWFW - """We Few, We Happy Few"": Shakespeare's Greatest Speeches"
BPUWJB - The World of Joseph Brodsky
BPUWOP - The World of Octavio Paz
BPUWTT - The World of Tomas Transtrmer
BPUWWS - The World of Wyslawa Szymborska
BPUWZH - The World of Zbigniew Herbert
BPUYE2 - Further Immersions in Yeat's Collected Poems
BPUYEA - Selected Poetry of William Butler Yeats
BPUZMH - Readings in Buddhism: Zen Master Hakuin
BPWEAW - The War to End All Wars?
BPWEIA - Euripides' Iphigenia in Aulis
BPWHOD - Homer's Odyssey: Study Retreat
BPWTWA - BP Weekend Study Retreat: Thoreau's Walden
BPYR01 - Basic Program Year One
BPYR02 - Basic Program Year Two
BPYR03 - Basic Program Year Three
BPYR04 - Basic Program Year Four
BWBEOW - Basic Program Autumn Symposium: Beowulf
BWBSOS - BP Weekend: The Bible-Song of Songs
BWDARW - Charles Darwin-A Continuing Challenge
BWHERO - Classical Greek & Persian Beginnings: Herodotus: The History
BWHILL - Homer's Iliad
BWJASS - Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility
BWLPIP - Love and Persuasion in Plato
BWPRIN - BP Weekend: Machiavelli's The Prince (4/30/10)
BWRRFP - Spring Weekend Study Retreat: Robert Frost's Poetry
BWRUMI - Persian Experiences, Persian Influences: Rumi's Masnavi
BWSCRI - Statesmanship and Crisis: Pericles, Lincoln, Churchill
BWSHAC - BP Weekend Study Retreat: Shakespeares Antony and Cleopatra
BWTAKA - BP Weekend: Tolstoys Anna Karenina
FLACA1 - Advanced Conversational Arabic, Pt. 1
FLACA2 - Advanced Conversational Arabic, Pt. 2
FLACA3 - Advanced Conversational Arabic, Pt. 3
FLACA4 - Advanced Conversational Arabic, Pt. 4
FLACAR - Advanced Spoken Colloquial Arabic
FLAOAG - Aeschylus, Oresteia: Agamemnon, Pt 1
FLAPPA - Arabic Language and Cultures Certificate Application Fee
FLBA1C - Beginning Arabic Part 1 Certificate Course
FLBA2C - Beginning Arabic, Part 2 Certificate Course
FLBA3C - Beginning Arabic, Part 3-Certificate Course
FLBA4C - Beginning Arabic, Part 4-Certificate Course
FLBAR3 - Beginning Arabic, Part 3
FLBAR4 - Beginning Arabic, Part 4
FLBARB - Beginning Arabic
FLBCC1 - Basic Conversational Chinese, Pt. 1
FLBCC2 - Basic Conversational Chinese, Pt. 2
FLBCC3 - Basic Conversational Chinese, Pt. 3
FLBCC4 - Basic Conversational Chinese, Pt. 4
FLBCCB - Chinese for Business
FLBCCT - Chinese For Travel
FLBCHI - Beginning Chinese
FLBCSB - Spanish for Business
FLBCST - Spanish for Travel
FLBRAR - "Arabic ""Bridge"" Class"
FLCA1C - Continuing Arabic Part 1 Certificate Course
FLCA2C - Continuing Arabic Part 2 Certificate Course
FLCA3C - Continuing Arabic, Part 3-Certificate Course
FLCA4C - Continuing Arabic, Part 4-Certificate Course
FLCAR3 - Continuing Arabic, Part 3
FLCAR4 - Continuing Arabic, Part 4
FLCARB - Continuing Arabic
FLCARE - Arabic Exam
FLCCH2 - Continuing Conversational Chinese Part 2
FLCCHI - Continuing Chinese [cancelled]
FLCERA - Arabic Language and Cultures Certificate
FLCERB - Arabic Language and Cultures: Beginning Arabic
FLCERC - Arabic Language and Cultures: Continuing Arabic
FLCERS - Arabic Language and Cultures: Spoken Colloquial Arabic
FLCGK1 - Introduction to Classical Greek, Pt. 1
FLCGL1 - Intro to Classical Greek
FLGKEL - Sophocles, Electra
FLGKHE - Herodotus In Egypt
FLGKIL - Homer's Iliad
FLGKPH - The Presocratics and Homer
FLGKSO - "Sophocles: Oedipus, the ""Tyrant"""
FLGPLS - Platos Symposium
FLGRE1 - Introduction to Classical Greek, Part 1
FLGRE2 - Introduction to Classical Greek, Part 2
FLGRE3 - Introduction to Classical Greek, Part 3
FLGRE4 - Introduction to Classical Greek, Part 4
FLGSAN - Sophocles, Antigone
FLGSGL - Globalization: A Long Perspective
FLHWAD - Hesiod Works and Days
FLHYM2 - Homeric Hymns, Part 2
FLHYMN - Homeric Hymns
FLIAM1 - Independent Study Modern Standard Arabic
FLIAM2 - Independent Study Modern Standard Arabic
FLIAM3 - Independent Study-Modern Standard Arabic, Part 3
FLIAM4 - Independent Study-MSA, Part 4
FLIAS1 - Independent Study - Colloquial Egyptian Arabic
FLIAS2 - Independent Study-Colloquial Arabic
FLIAS3 - Independent Study-Colloquial Arabic, Part 3
FLIAS4 - Independent Study-Colloquial Arabic, Part 4
FLICC1 - Intermediate Conversational Chinese, Pt. 1
FLICC2 - Intermediate Conversational Chinese, Pt. 2
FLICC3 - Intermediate Conversational Chinese, Pt. 3
FLIM4C - Independent Study-MSA, Part 4-Certificate
FLINA1 - Intermediate Arabic, Pt. 1
FLINA2 - Intermediate Arabic, Pt. 2
FLINA3 - Intermediate Arabic, Pt. 3
FLINA4 - Intermediate Arabic, Pt. 4
FLIS4C - Independent Study-Colloquial Arabic, Part 4-Cert
FLLAT4 - Intermediate Latin Part 1
FLLLRI - Learn Latin by Reading It
FLMSA1 - Introduction to Arabic, Pt. 1
FLMSA2 - Introduction to Arabic, Pt. 2
FLMSA3 - Introduction to Arabic, Pt. 3
FLMSA4 - Introduction to Arabic, Pt. 4
FLOLIB - Oresteia: Libation Bearer
FLOREA - Oresteia: Agamemnon
FLOREU - Oresteia: The Eumenides
FLRLBR - Reading Latin for Beginners or Renewers
FLSA1C - Spoken Colloquial Arabic Part 1 Certificate Course
FLSA2C - Spoken Colloquial Arabic Part 2 Certificate Course
FLSA3C - Spoken Colloquial Arabic, Part 3-Certificate Course
FLSA4C - Spoken Colloquial Arabic, Part 4-Certificate Course
FLSANS - Sanskrit: The Language of the Gods
FLSCA3 - Spoken Colloquial Arabic, Part 3
FLSCA4 - Spoken Colloquial Arabic, Part 4
FLSCAR - Spoken Colloquial Arabic
FLSFMP - Spanish for Medical Professionals
FLSPAN - Beginning Spanish
FLTHEO - Hesiod, Theogony
FLYLT2 - Yiddish Language Through Yiddish Culture
FLYLTY - Yiddish Language Through Yiddish Culture
HUAS10001 - A Rumor of Empathy
HUAS10003 - Michel Foucault
HUAS10030 - The Liberal Arts in the Twenty-First Century
HUAS20001 - Science and Religion: From Confrontation to Dialogue, Part I
HUAS20002 - Science and Religion: From Confrontation to Dialogue, Part II
HUAS29601 - Intellectual Currents in the Development of Zionism
HUAS48001 - Introduction to Classical Greek Part 1
HUAS48002 - Introduction to Classical Greek Part 2
HUAS48003 - Introduction to Classical Greek Part 3
HUAS48010 - Getting Better at Ancient Greek
HUAS48011 - Herodotus' Histories, Part 1
HUAS48012 - Herodotus' Histories, Part 2
HUAS48015 - Herodotus' Histories, Books 1 and 2 Continued Spring
HUAS48017 - Plato, Meno & Protagoras , Part I
HUAS48018 - Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus
HUAS48019 - Apologies of/for Socrates
HUAS48020 - Homer, the Iliad
HUAS53701 - Tesla: Lightning Strikes
HUAS54001 - Nanomaterials Today: From TVs to Cancer Treatment
HUAS61001 - A Rumor of Empathy in Neuroscience
HUAS70001 - Art Since 1945
HUAS75000 - Topics in Impressionism
HUAS75010 - How to View Art I
HUAS75012 - How to View Art
HUAS77001 - The Visual Culture of the American Civil War
HUAS77002 - Urban Photography of the 20th Century
HUAS78001 - Heroic Beethoven and Birth of Musical Romanticism
HUAS78002 - History of Music in Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Baroque
HUAS78003 - Tchaikovsky
HUAS78004 - History of Piano Music from Bach to the Present
HUAS78005 - Brahms and the Twilight of Musical Romanticism
HUAS78006 - Great Conductors and Evolution of the Orchestra
HUAS78015 - History of Rock Music
HUAS78016 - Late Beethoven
HUAS78017 - The Great Conductors and the Evolution of the Orchestra
HUAS78018 - Bach: Life and Works
HUAS78019 - Schubert: The Immortal Masterpieces
HUAS78020 - Mahler and Strauss
HUAS78021 - Introduction to Opera and the Operas that Changed the World
HUAS78100 - Elijah: Mendelssohn’s Masterpiece
HUAS78101 - A History of the Concerto
HUAS78102 - Intensity, Intimacy, and Innovation: Esther and the St. John Passion
HUAS79101 - Steven Spielberg, an American Auteur
HUAS79102 - Cinema of the City
HUAS79103 - Genres of Early Nonfiction Film
HUAS79104 - Reading Film Reviews
HUAS79201 - Revealing Tom Stoppard's The Hard Problem
HUAS81001 - Nabokov's Lolita
HUAS83001 - Man Without Qualities
HUAS89000 - Islamic Literature
HUAS90001 - Who Owns the Past?
HUAS90901 - The History of Western Civilization
HUAS90902 - The History of Western Civilization, Part II
HUAS91001 - Fortnight in Oxford
HUAS93201 - Through Egyptian Eyes
HUAS94001 - The Second World War & the English People
HUAS94002 - The English Catholic Literary Renaissance
HUAS94010 - Origins of Modern Capitalism I:Reading Adam Smith's Wealth..
HUAS94011 - Origins Modern Capitalism II:Adam Smith's World to Marx's...
HUAS94201 - Anthony Powell’s A Dance to the Music of Time, Part I
HUAS95011 - Mongol Invasions of Islamicate
HUAS95100 - Readings in Chinese Thought
HUAS95601 - The Making of the Modern Middle East
HUAS95602 - Rethinking the 1916 Arab Revolt
HUAS95603 - Introduction to the Middle East
HUAS95604 - Religion and Violence
HUAS95605 - Muhammad, the Quran, and Islam
HUAS95606 - World War I and Its Effects in the Middle East
HUAS95607 - The Modern Muslim World
HUAS97001 - Writing the White City, 1893-1924
HUAS97002 - Writing the Windy City, 1929-1952
HUAS97010 - America in Crisis: From the American Revolution and New Nation
HUAS97011 - American in Crisis: Civil War and Reconstruction
HUAS97020 - A Most Violent Year in Chicago Crossfire
HUAS97022 - American Exceptionalism and World Order
LAAASJ - Sustainability and Social Justice
LAABLK - Bronzeville Blackstories
LAABOM - Timuel D. Black Bridges of Memory Distinguished Lecture...
LAAFBE - The Bronzeville Experience
LAAFDB - What DuBois Can Teach Us Now
LAAFOB - Barack Obama, Chicago, and African-American Politics
LAAFWM - Wang Muta Maathai: Her Life and Work
LAAGIN - Getting Involved with Your Local Arts Organizations
LAAHAE - Abstract Expressionism: Tragedy, Ecstasy, Odom, and So On
LAAHAH - Art History 101
LAAHAI - Art and Architecture of India
LAAHAR - American Art
LAAHBD - The Breadth and Depth of the Burnham Plan
LAAHBT - Biblical Text, Biblical Images
LAAHDA - Downton Abbey and Great Houses of England
LAAHDB - Daniel Hudson Burnham and His Vision for Chicago
LAAHDC - America's Downtown Abbeys: Great Estates...
LAAHDN - Downton Abbey: Art & Architecture of Great Estates
LAAHEA - Entartet! Degenerate Art and Modernism
LAAHEM - East Meets West: Byzantine Art
LAAHFA - What All The Fuss Is About: Introduction to Architecture
LAAHGC - The Gothic Cathedral
LAAHHD - History of Design
LAAHHE - Heroes and Superheroes
LAAHHM - History of Modern Architecture
LAAHIF - Coming into Focus: 19th-Century Photography...
LAAHIM - Impressionism
LAAHIN - Introduction to Art History
LAAHMC - The Museums of Chicago: Past, Present, and Future
LAAHMM - Modernism, Modernity, and 20th Century Art
LAAHMS - Magic to Stir Men's Blood: Daniel Burnham
LAAHNC - 19th-Century Art
LAAHNE - Nature and Enlightenment
LAAHNR - Neoclassical and Romantic Art
LAAHRE - Was there a Renaissance?
LAAHSX - The Material Culture of Sex
LAAHTC - 20th-Century Art
LAAHVG - Vincent Van Gogh
LAAHVV - Van Gogh
LAAHWA - Introduction to Art History: Western Art from...
LAAHWH - Wolf Hall and the Reformation
LAAHWW - Art History In The Western World
LAALMK - The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
LAAMLK - The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
LAANAE - Native Americans and Their Environments
LAANAN - Apocalypse Soon: Worst Case Scenarios in Environmentalism
LAASPP - The Discipline Gap and the School to Prison Pipeline
LAASTV - Studs Terkel: Voice of America
LAATHR - The Harlem Renaissance
LABPTA - Martin Buber: Philosopher, Theologian, Activist
LABSCT - Behind the Scenes at Court Theatre
LACABC - Buying and Cellaring Wine or Liquid Assets
LACABE - Cuisine of Belgium
LACABG - Burgundy: God, Earth, Wine
LACACF - Cuisine of France
LACACH - From Charlemagne to Chambertin: Wine and European History
LACACS - A Cultural and Culinary History of Spain
LACADE - Delizioso: A History of Italian Wine and Food
LACAFA - France and America: Wine Politics
LACAFR - Cuisine of France
LACAGW - Green Wines (1 day)
LACAMA - Monks and Ale
LACAOB - O Beautiful for Food and Wine
LACAOC - Ole! The Cuisine of Spain
LACAPR - Lessons from Prohibition
LACARE - Religion and Wine
LACARF - Religion and Food
LACARI - Rivers of Wine
LACASW - Seasonal Wines
LACATC - The Tao of Chinese Food
LACAWG - What is Good to Eat?
LACAWP - Wine Politics
LACAWS - Wine and the Senses
LACAWW - Wine and God in the West
LACAYF - 200 Years of Food & Wine in France: 1600-180
LACHBC - A Daylong Boat Cruise on Chicago's Inland Waterways
LACHCV - Chicago Violence: The Real History of Gangs and Organize...
LACHCZ - Poverty and Promise in Chicago
LACHSS - The South Side of Chicago
LACLIA - Euripides, Iphigenia at Aulis, Part 1
LACLO3 - The Odyssey, Book 3
LACLO4 - The Odyssey, Book 4
LACLO5 - The Odyssey, Book 5
LACLOH - Homer, The Odyssey, Books 1 and 2
LACLOT - Homers Odyssey, Books 1113 and 1415
LACLTR - Sophocle's Trachiniae
LACOCS - Community Organizing-Chicago Style
LACONV - Conversation Series
LACPHC - A People's History of Chicago
LACTNH - A City of Neighborhoods: Visiting...
LADRAA - Tony Kushner's Angels in America
LADRBS - Brevity is the Soul of Wit: The Short Play
LADRCG - Chekhov's Cherry Orchard, Gorky's Summerfolk
LADRCJ - Critics Boot Camp: With Chris Jones
LADRCN - Top Girls and Cloud Nine
LADREA - Edward Albee
LADRHA - Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
LADRHP - Euripides' Hippolytus and Phedre
LADRHV - Shakespeare's Henry V
LADRID - Ibsen: A Doll's House
LADRML - Miller
LADRMO - Moliere: Access to the Theatrical Process
LADRRT - Shakespeare's Richard III
LADRST - Storytelling
LADRTC - From The Page To The Stage: Behind The Scenes...
LADRTE - Twelfth Night and the Performance of
LADRTM - The Transitional Masterpieces of Tennessee Williams
LADRTS - Tennessee Williams
LADRUA - Uncovering American Tragedy
LADRWS - What's Your Story? (1 day)
LAECBG - Urban Agriculture and Sustainability
LAECWT - The Chicago Wilderness Tour
LAEDTG - Theater Games, Art, and Puppetry for The Classroom
LAEEAE - Ethics and the Environment
LAEGBL - Grand Conversations in the Classroom
LAETBH - Frogs & Lawns, Dangers & Politics
LAEVCR - The Chicago River (4 Wks)
LAEVEC - The Environmental Crisis
LAEVED - Eco Design 101
LAEVEL - Environmental Law
LAEVGV - Building Green Villages [cancelled]
LAEVSW - Environmental Social Work
LAEVWV - Where is Your Village?
LAFEHR - Nature Deficit Disorder and the Future of Environmental and Human Rights
LAGCON - Great Conversations, Entire Series
LAGINK - Interview Series: Kingsbury
LAGSAI - Adventures into Islam
LAGSAM - American Involvement in Arab-Israeli Negotiations
LAGSAN - Arab Nationalism
LAGSFA - From Alexander the Great to Al Qaeda
LAGSFP - America in the Middle East
LAGSGE - Genocide and the 20th Century
LAGSHJ - Honor in Jihad: Western Interpretations
LAGSIE - Islamic Extremism
LAGSIG - Is Genocide Preventable?
LAGSIJ - "Israel as a ""Jewish and Democratic State"""
LAGSIM - Indian Mysticism: Illuminations from the
LAGSIS - Islam: A Muslim State of Mind
LAGSJO - Jerusalem: Obstacles and Hopes for Peace in the Middle East
LAGSMI - A History of Modern Iran
LAGSNV - Novel Voices of Islam
LAGSQH - Quagmires?: Historical Perspectives on American Foreign Policy
LAGSUH - Urban Histories
LAGSUI - Understanding Islam and Muslim Civilizations
LAGSWD - Why Do They Hate Us?
LAGSYS - Yoga Sutras
LAHAKA - AKArama Great Conversations
LAHCKP - What is Civic Knowledge?
LAHCMT - Melvin B. Tolson, Poet, Activist [cancelled]
LAHCOE - Classics of Education
LAHCOR - Education, Science, and Integrity (1 day)
LAHCPE - Education and Chicago's Progressive Legacy
LAHDGI - Multiple Intelligences and the Exceptional Learner
LAHEET - Education, Enviro, Theater [cancelled]
LAHEXP - Chicago Dialogues on Urban Ecology: Looking Downstream
LAHFOO - Foodways, Food and Culture on Chicago's South Side [cancelled]
LAHHBH - Where is Biology Headed?
LAHHFP - Environmental Consequences of Dietary Choices
LAHHGR - The Recent Work of Howard Gardner
LAHHNC - Nature's Climate Archives
LAHHOB - The History and Philosophy of Breakdancing
LAHHPF - The Planetary Footprint of Food
LAHIAM - The Ancient Maya: Classic Splendor and Collapse
LAHIAN - A Nation Once Again: Ireland 1750-1900
LAHIBE - The British Empire in History & Literature
LAHICV - Civil Rights in America: From Reconstruction to the Present
LAHIDN - Dickensian England
LAHIEA - Jane Austens England, or England in the Age of Revolutions
LAHIEE - From Empire to Republic: Germany and Austria: 1890-1933
LAHIEG - An Empire of Goods
LAHIEM - The British Empire
LAHIEU - History of European and American Architecture
LAHIFA - The First Amendment
LAHIFR - The French Revolution
LAHIFW - The First World War in History and Literature
LAHIGW - The Great War, 1914-1918
LAHIHH - Herodotus's History
LAHIHI - History of Islam (Online)
LAHIHL - History of London
LAHIHM - The History of Mathematics
LAHIHW - Islamic Historical Writing
LAHIIA - The Impact of the Aztecs...
LAHIIN - The Many Faces of Infinity
LAHIIT - In Touch with Chicago: Mexican Art,
LAHIL2 - The Life of the Mind in France, Pt 2
LAHILC - The Qur'an and the History of Islamic Literary Culture
LAHILM - The Life of the Mind in France, Part 1
LAHILO - Law and Order
LAHIMO - Modern Times:The Intellectual and Cultural Transformation...
LAHIMV - Middlemarch and the Victorians
LAHINC - America, Inc.
LAHIOR - Orwell
LAHIPF - Plays of Brian Friel & Modern Irish History
LAHIPH - Pre-Hispanic Civilizations of Mexico and Central America
LAHIRL - Ireland, 1607 to the Present: Making of a Nation
LAHIRV - Revolution! 1848
LAHISC - The Spanish Civil War
LAHISD - Social Darwinism
LAHISH - Battle of Somme in History & Memory
LAHISK - 17th Century France and the Court of the Sun King
LAHITA - Taiwan: Past, Present and Future
LAHITH - Reading Tudor History through Wolf Hall
LAHIUC - The University of Chicago: A History
LAHIUF - Understanding Fascism
LAHIWH - World History I (to 1650)
LAHIWT - World History II (1492 to Present)
LAHPLA - The Progressive Tradition in Education & the Plan of Chicago
LAHPPP - Poverty, Promise and Possibility
LAHSSC - Progressive Conversations with Food, Art, and the Humanities on the South Side of Chicago
LAHTEC - The Educating Community
LAHTGA - Theater Games, Art, & Puppetry for the Classroom
LAINTS - Graham School Interview Series
LAJIPF - Plays of Brian Friel & Modern Irish History
LALIAC - Analyze This: Chekhov's Plays
LALIAM - Animality
LALIAN - Analyze This: Edward Albee and Harold Pinter
LALIAW - Around the World in 80 Days: The Conemporary Novel
LALIBL - Balzac
LALIBR - The British Romantic Poets
LALIBS - The Bicentenary of Sense and Sensibility: Jane Austen...
LALIBT - Berlin - The Laboratory of Modernity
LALICF - """Cherchez LaFemme"": Around the World's Cities in Eight Days"
LALICL - Contemporary Literature of the Middle East
LALICM - Paris: the Capital of Modernity
LALICO - ColetteThe Invention of the Modern Woman
LALICR - Compromised Readers
LALICS - Shakespeare: The Hollow Crown
LALIDI - Dante's Inferno and the Late Middle Ages
LALIDM - Dublin and Modernity: A terrible beauty is born
LALIEI - Introduction to Degenerate Art
LALIEL - Entartet! Degenerate Literature
LALIES - The Enchanted Self
LALIEV - The Seven Deadly Sins in Western Literature: Envy
LALIEW - Entartet! Decadence
LALIFE - Femmes Fatales
LALIFH - Austria: The Fall of the Habsburgs and Wiener Moderne
LALIGN - Global Snapshot Circa 1936
LALIGO - Gogol
LALIGR - The Seven Deadly Sins In Western Literature: Greed
LALIGS - Global Snapshot: Circa 1885
LALIHE - Shakespeare: The Henriad
LALIHJ - Humor in Jewish Literature and Culture
LALIHU - The Novel of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: An Introduction
LALIIB - Istanbul
LALIIM - Illness as Metaphor
LALIIP - Investing and Poker
LALIIS - In Search of Proust
LALIJL - Kafka and Beyond: German Jewish Literature Then and Now
LALIKK - Kafka and the Kafkaesque: Literature, Justice...
LALIKV - Proust, In Search of Lost Time, Sodom and Gomorrah
LALILI - Literature and the Idea of Justice
LALILS - Literary Scandals
LALILT - Islamic Literature
LALIMA - The Master and Margarita
LALIML - Fighting with Thor, Drinking with Loki: The Antics of...
LALIMM - The Magic Mountain
LALINM - The Novel as a Manual for Life: Tolstoy's War and Peace
LALIPF - Proust, In Search of Lost Time, The Fugitive and Time Regained
LALIPM - The Politics of Memory
LALIPN - Contemporary American Poetry: Reading and Writing...
LALIPO - Passionate Rivals: Ibsen/Strinberg [cancelled]
LALIPT - Proust, In Search of Lost Time, The Guermantes Way
LALIPU - Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment
LALISB - The Strangeness of Beauty: The Western Tradition
LALISR - Sex and Revenge
LALIST - The Seven Deadly Sins in Western Literature: Sloth
LALITH - The Heart of Things and the Mother of Dreams
LALITP - Proust, In Search of Lost Time, The Prisoner
LALITR - The Ramayana
LALITT - The Tempest
LALIUW - Uppity Women of the Middle Ages
LALIVG - Virginia Woolf
LALIVI - Virginia Woolf
LALIWF - East-West Dynasties: John Galsworthy, The Forsyte Saga
LALIWH - What is Modernity?
LALIWJ - The World of Jane Austen
LALIWM - East-West Dynasties: Junichiro Tanizaki, The Makioka Sisters
LALIWO - Life as a Work of Art
LALIWP - War and Peace
LAMEAI - The Arab-Israeli Conflict
LAMEIR - Iraq in the Twentieth Century
LAMUAP - Language of Music Application
LAMUAR - American Masters
LAMUAS - American Masters
LAMUBE - The Life and Works of Beethoven
LAMUBH - Bach and Handel
LAMUBL - Late Beethoven
LAMUBP - Brahms and the Passing of the Romantic Era
LAMUBQ - Beethoven Quartets and Sonatas
LAMUBR - Music in the Baroque Era
LAMUBS - The Symphony Since Beethoven
LAMUBV - Beethoven
LAMUC2 - History of the Concerto, Part 2
LAMUCB - Chamber Music
LAMUCE - Language of Music Certificate
LAMUCL - Chopin: Life and Works
LAMUCT - Chicago Opera Theater: La Clemenza Di Tito
LAMUDD - Dancing with the Devil
LAMUDK - Dvorak and the Rise of Musical Nationalism
LAMUEC - Evolving the Classical Style: From Haydn to Mozart
LAMUEM - Early Modern Masters
LAMUEN - Entartet! Degenerate Music
LAMUEO - Eight Operas that Changed the World
LAMUEW - Eight Masterpieces that Changed the World
LAMUFO - Introduction to Opera: Lyric Opera's Marriage of Figaro...
LAMUFS - French and Spanish Masters
LAMUGC - Great Conductors
LAMUGO - Grand Opera
LAMUGP - Great Pianists
LAMUGR - Great Conductors
LAMUHA - Hadyn and Mozart: The Instrumental Masterpieces
LAMUHC - History of the Concerto
LAMUHM - The History of Music
LAMUHO - History of Opera
LAMUHS - History of the Symphony
LAMUIO - Introduction to Opera
LAMUJC - Jewels of Chamber Music
LAMUJS - J. S. Bach
LAMUKW - Keyboard Works of J.S. Bach
LAMULI - What to Listen for in Classical Music
LAMUMB - Blues Mondays
LAMUMH - Mahler
LAMUMI - Musical Impressionism: Debussy, Ravel and Beyond
LAMUMM - Musical Masterpieces: Music, Aesthetics, and Ideology...
LAMUMN - Chicago's Musical Neighborhoods [cancelled]
LAMUMO - The Life and Works of Mozart
LAMUMP - Cultural Moscow and St. Petersburg in the Age of Realism
LAMUMR - Piano Music from Mozart to Rachmaninoff
LAMUMT - Introduction to Musical Theory and Literacy
LAMUMW - Masterpieces that Changed the World
LAMUNG - 19th Century Germany
LAMUNM - The History of the Symphony: Northern Masters
LAMUNN - Schumann
LAMUNR - 19th-Century Romantic Music:...
LAMUNT - Nationalist Traditions in Music
LAMUOB - Opera, Ballet, and Musical Theater Genres
LAMUOM - The Operas of Mozart
LAMUOW - Operas that Changed the World
LAMUPC - Verdi and Puccini
LAMUPI - Beethoven Piano Sonatas
LAMUPS - Beethoven Piano Sonatas and the Emergence of Romanticism
LAMUPU - The Progressive & the Universal in Musical Romanticism...
LAMURA - Romanticism and Reaction: Rachmaninov and Prokofiev
LAMURC - Choral and Spiritual Masterworks
LAMURE - Music of the Romantic Era
LAMURI - Richard Strauss and the Great Tone Poems
LAMURM - Russian Masters
LAMURP - The Romantic Piano: The Intimate and the Grandiose
LAMURS - The Romantic Spirit
LAMURT - The Romantic and Contemporary Eras
LAMUS1 - The History of the Symphony 1: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven
LAMUSB - Life and Works of Johann Sebastian Bach
LAMUSC - Schubert
LAMUSH - Shostakovich
LAMUSL - Late Romantic Masters: From Swan Lake to
LAMUSM - Schubert and Mahler
LAMUSN - The History of the Symphony in the 19th Century
LAMUSQ - Beethoven & Schubert: The Sonatas & Quartets
LAMUST - The String Quartet: A History
LAMUSY - The Symphonies of Beethoven
LAMUTC - Twentieth Century Music
LAMUTP - The Tone Poem and Musical Pictorialism
LAMUTU - Italian Opera from The Barber of Seville to Turnadot
LAMUTY - Tchaikovsky
LAMUUS - Understanding the Sounds of Music
LAMUVB - Fin de Sicle Vienna And Berlin
LAMUVR - The Great Virtuosos and the Romantic Concertos
LAMUWA - Wagner
LAMUWO - What to Listen for in Opera (1-day)
LAMUWR - Wagner's Ring Cycle
LAOIAG - An Ancient Global Power: The Assyrian Empire
LAOIAT - Ancient Turkey: Cauldron of Cultures
LAOIBS - Beyond the Stereotypes: The Persian Empire Revealed
LAOICU - Cuisine and Cookery of the Near East
LAOIDC - Our Liver is Happy, Our Heart is Joyful
LAOIFC - The World's First Cities
LAOIFH - Herodotus: Father of History, Father of Lies
LAOIGB - Glorious Babylon: Myth and Reality
LAOIIM - The Invention of Money
LAOIIO - Elam: Iran's Oldest Civilization
LAOIIP - Iran Past and Present
LAOIKS - The King Is In: The Palaces of Ancient Egypt
LAOILH - Looting the Cradle of Civilization: The Loss of History...
LAOINA - Intermediate Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs
LAOIPY - Monuments of Egypt: The Pyramids
LAOIRE - The Religion of Ancient Egypt
LAOIRI - Real or Imagined: The Role of Gender in the Ancient Middle..
LAOIWW - You Say Watar, I Say Water: In Search of Indo-Europeans
LAPHAF - African Politics
LAPHAR - Aristotle's Politics
LAPHAU - Authenticity
LAPHBE - Bioethics: Paternalism and Autonomy
LAPHCA - Crimea
LAPHCH - Creativity in the Headlines
LAPHCP - History of Continental Philosophy
LAPHDG - Does God Exist?
LAPHEA - Evil in the Headlines
LAPHEC - The Eichmann Controversy
LAPHEH - Ethics in the Headlines
LAPHEI - Emotional Intelligence in Ancient Philosophy
LAPHET - The Problem of Ethics
LAPHEV - Ethics: Virtue, Duty, or Will to Power
LAPHFR - Free Will
LAPHHB - Hobbes
LAPHHF - Memory, History, Forgetting
LAPHHL - Suffering in the Headlines
LAPHIH - Hope in the Headlines
LAPHIS - The Emergence of Nature: Theology and Science...
LAPHJL - John Locke, Second Treatise of Government
LAPHJM - John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism and on Liberty
LAPHJO - John Rawls
LAPHJR - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, On the Social Contract
LAPHJS - John Locke, Second Treatise of Government...
LAPHKM - Karl Marx
LAPHLN - Leonardo's Notebooks and the Renaissance: Science, Magic...
LAPHMH - Moral Philosophy: David Hume
LAPHOP - History of Modern Philosophy
LAPHPC - The Power of Creativity
LAPHPF - Philosophy of Friendship
LAPHPO - The Power of Hope
LAPHPR - Plato's Republic
LAPHRO - Rousseau
LAPHRT - John Rawls' A Theory of Justice
LAPHSU - The Problem of Suffering
LAPHTB - Train Your Brain
LAPHVL - The Problem of Evil
LAPHWD - Medical Ethics [rescheduled]
LAPSCP - Comparative Politics
LAPSCU - Culture and Capital: Keynes and British
LAPSIR - International Relations
LAPSJM - The Life, Thought, and Times of John Maynard Keynes
LAPWCP - Parent Workshop: Your Child the Philosopher
LARPAB - A Philosophical Approach to Buddhism
LARSCJ - The Co-Evolution of Christianity and (Rabbinic) Judaism
LARSCM - Christian Mysticism
LARSCV - (Cinematic) Visions of Christ
LARSDH - Divine Epics: Hebrew Bible, Illiad and Qur'an
LARSDT - Divine Trilogies: the Quran and the Aeneid
LARSEG - Experiencing God: Christian Mysticism Past and Present
LARSEJ - Evil and Justice in Collision
LARSHB - The Hebrew Bible (1 day)
LARSHD - How Did the World Begin?
LARSHR - Human Rights in the Contemporary Arab World
LARSHW - Islamic Historical Writing
LARSIA - Islam in America through Literature
LARSIL - Introduction to Islamic Law
LARSIS - An Introduction to Islam
LARSIW - Islam and the West
LARSIY - Introduction to Yoga
LARSJM - Jewish Migration and Displacement, 1881-1945
LARSLS - The Lives of Saints
LARSMJ - Memoirs of Jews from Arab Lands
LARSMM - In Search of the Mystical Moment: Reading the Mystics Across
LARSNT - The New Testament (1 day)
LARSOM - The Terrible Speed of Mercy: Flannery O'Connor and Augustine of Hippo
LARSPA - Apocalypse Soon? The Environmental Crisis
LARSPP - "Understanding Islamic ""Sectarianisms"" Past and Present"
LARSPS - The Problems of Secularism
LARSQN - The Qur'an
LARSRB - Religion on the Brain
LARSRC - Religion and Culture
LARSRD - Religious Diversity in South Asia: Encounters, Challenges...
LARSRE - What is Religious Experience?
LARSRP - Reading the Psalms in Real Time
LARSSD - Sacred Dwelling: the Temple/Jewish Thought
LARSSE - Spiritual Exercises in Ancient Philosophy
LARSSS - The Dead Sea Scrolls
LARSTR - Three Traditions
LARSUD - Hinduism: Unity and Diversity
LARSUP - Irish and Jewish Identities: Links and Parallels
LASAWO - A Weekend Odyssey
LASBAT - Becoming a Teacher Researcher: Investigating Literacy Teaching and Learning in the Classroom
LASCAP - Astrophysics 101
LASCAV - Altered States, Altered Visions
LASCBB - Beyond the Brain: (Dis)embodiment and the Extended Mind
LASCCS - Consciousness and the Senses
LASCEB - Evolutionary Biology 101
LASCEC - The Environmental Crisis: Causes and Remedies
LASCFB - Food on the Brain
LASCGR - How Greed Can Save The Environment
LASCIB - Inside Your Brain
LASCLU - Life in the Universe
LASCNI - Coral Reef, Rain Forest, Ice Age: The Geologic Story of ...
LASCNS - "Neuroscience and the ""Seat of the Soul""...."
LASCOL - On the Loose: Emerging Infectious Diseases [cancelled]
LASCPE - Primate Evolution
LASCRB - Religion on the Brain
LASCSL - Searching for Life in the Universe
LASCSO - Self, Culture, and Society
LASCWD - Medical Ethics: Who Decides, and on What Basis?
LASCYB - Yoga on the Brain
LASDIR - Teachers Workshop: Speculative Observation
LASEEP - Economics of Environmental Policy
LASEIC - Education in Chicago: What Works?
LASEOE - The Echo of Eons: The Power of Printmaking in Art
LASTEC - The Environmental Crisis
LASTLC - Leave No Child Inside
LASWMP - 100th Anniversary of Swann's Way by Marcel Proust
LASYCP - Teacher and Parent Workshop: Cultivating Young Philosophers and Excellent Students
LASYPP - Teachers' Workshop: Young People and Pholosophy
LATOGS - A Taste of the Graham School
LAWICF - What Is a City For?
MUSMPS - National Museum Publishing Seminar
OXFNBB - Banned, Burned and Damned
OXFNBC - The Barsetshire Chronicles
OXFNCE - A Continental Education': British Aristocracy & the Grand T
OXFNCR - The Celtic Roar: Ireland, Scotland, Wales...1485-2014
OXFNCT - Celtic Tigers: Irish Writing in the Time of Civil War
OXFNNC - Nature & Culture: The Decoration and Design of the Interiors
OXFNRE - Revolutionary England ( 1642-1660 )
OXFNRR - Royalty, Rivalry & Revolt: Georgian England 1714-1837
OXFNSE - Special Event at Oxford
OXFNTH - Thomas Hardy's Wessex in Fiction and Film
OXFNVE - Culture, Crime, and Changing Identity in Victorian England
SMCAPP - Capstone Project: Holistic Problem Solving
SMECON - Environmental Economics (2/15 start)
SMEEMR - Energy Efficiency and Manufacturers
SMELAP - Environmental Law and Policy (1/4 start)
SMFORUM - Best Practices in Office Sustainability
SMGMEC - Green Messaging: Effectively Communicating Sustainability Initiatives
SMGREC - The Midwest Green Economy
SMINSD - Introduction to Sustainable Development
SMMNCN - Mediation, Negotiation, Communication
SMSANS - More than Gardens: Seeding and Sustaining Urban Agriculture
SMSCOS - Science of Sustainability (11/10 start)
SMSLCM - Sustainability Leadership and Change Management
SMSLSS - Supplying SustainabilityEngaging companies to realize benefits
SMSMWM - Sustainability Metrics and Why They Matter (elective)
SMSRWT - Reimagining Waste
TSBERL - A Journey to Berlin
TSFNPS - A Fortnight in Paris
TSMATERIAL - Travel Study Course Materials
TSOXFN - A Fortnight in Oxford
TSVBDR - Vienna & Budapest: Dream Reality
TSVBPR - The Culture of the Fin de Sicle: Prague, Vienna & Budapest
VACP10002 - Curatorial Practices
WCEKNV - Workshop: Novel
WCFNPJ - Final Project
WCFNPS - Final Project
WCFPEV - Final Project Evaluation
WCORCN - Orientations: Creative Nonfiction
WCORNV - Orientations: Novel
WCORPT - Orientations: Poetry
WCORSS - Orientations: Short Stories
WCPRY1 - Creative Writing Program Year One
WCPRY2 - Creative Writing Program Year Two
WCPYR1 - Creative Writing Program Year Two
WCPYR2 - Creative Writing Program Year One
WCRDNG - Student Reading
WCSTAM - Art & Music: An Inter-Arts Intensive
WCSTBV - Putting Your Best Voice Forward
WCSTCL - Collaborative Writing
WCSTCW - Chicago Writing
WCSTES - A Place in the Sun: Enhancing Setting in Your Writing
WCSTGI - Beyond the Great Idea
WCSTGO - Getting It Out There
WCSTIL - Image/Language: Writing and the Visual Arts
WCSTLA - How to Fall in Love...and Become a Better Writer
WCSTLC - Literary Chicago: Becoming a Part of It
WCSTLN - Bringing Your Story Off of the Page
WCSTLS - Language and Style
WCSTPF - Writing Out Loud: Writing & Performance
WCSTPP - Poetry for Prose Writers
WCSTPS - The Long & the Short of it: ...
WCSTPW - Writing Out Loud
WCSTWB - The Spaces in Between: Or, There's No Such Thing as...
WCSTWC - Writing the Mind
WCSTWO - Writing from the Outside
WCTBOW - The Business of Writing
WCTRCN - Tutorial: Creative Nonfiction
WCTRNV - Tutorial: Novel
WCTRPT - Tutorial: Poetry
WCTRSS - Tutorial: Short Stories
WCWKCN - Workshop: Creative Nonfiction
WCWKNB - Workshop: Novel
WCWKNV - Workshop: Novel
WCWKPT - Workshop: Poetry
WCWKSS - Workshop: Short Stories
WRIT11801 - Poetry: Inspiration to Publication
WRIT12401 - Poetry as Resistance
WRIT12402 - Beyond Slam: Poetry on its Feet
WRIT22101 - Jumpstart Session:Creating Breakout Characters Page, Stage..
WRIT22801 - Dramatic Writing: Writing for Emotional Impact
WRIT22802 - Hitting It Hollywood: Screenwriting that Keeps the Script...
WRIT22803 - Dramatic Writing: Shadows & Light
WRIT31800 - Fiction Writing Essentials
WRIT32180 - Master Series: Eudora Welty & the Drama of Human Thought
WRIT32401 - Narrative Voice in Fiction
WRIT32425 - Story-A-Day: A Generative Workshop in Fiction
WRIT41800 - Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
WRIT42401 - Memoir Writing: Exploring the Retrospective Voice
WRIT42403 - Writing & Walking in Memoir & Creative Nonfiction
WRIT42404 - Flash Nonfiction: A Generative Workshop
WRIT42405 - Writing True Crime
WRIT42633 - Intermediate Creative Nonfiction
WRIT42801 - Memoir Writing: Exploring the Genre
WRIT51800 - Basic Creative Writing
WRIT52101 - Jumpstart Session: Harnessing Your Emotions on the Page
WRIT52102 - Jumpstart Session: Writing Killer Scenes
WRIT52103 - Jumpstart Session: Mastering Detail
WRIT52104 - Jumpstart Session: Research for Writers
WRIT52181 - Master Series: Toni Morrison's Powerful Spell
WRIT52402 - On Revising Well
WRIT52403 - Dialogue for Page, Stage & Screen
WRIT52404 - What Writers Can Learn from Moving Pictures
WRIT52601 - Writing the Lyric Essay
WRIT52602 - Humor Writing Survey
WRIT52850 - Online Writing Group
WRIT53801 - Structure Your Book
WRIT53899 - Advanced Prose Workshop
WRIT61101 - Jumpstart Session: Writing for Children:Telling Your Story..
WRIT62201 - Publishing Your Book for Children or Young Adults
WRIT62601 - Facilitated Children's Book Writers Group For Novelists
WRIT72202 - Storytelling Bootcamp
WRIT72203 - Send Your Reading Through the Roof!
WRIT72401 - Stories Onstage: Writing to Perform
WRIT81000 - Business of Writing Submissions Lab
WRIT81401 - Writing to Finish: Developing a Writing Process that Works
WRIT82201 - The Art of the Pitch
WRIT82401 - Creative Play: The Pleasure of Writing
WRIT82402 - Blogging for Reflection and Reputation
WRIT82405 - Placing Your Novel:Agents,Small Presses, Self-Publishing
WRIT82601 - The Full Writer
WRIT83101 - Jumpstart Session: Thinking About an MFA?
WRIT91800 - Effective Writing for Business and the Professions
WRIT92201 - Powerful Punctuation: Commanding Commas, Sexy Semi-colons, and More
WRIT92801 - The Heart of the Matter: Storytelling for Business
WSBACW - Basic Creative Writing
WSBEYS - Beyond Slam: Poetry on its Feet
WSBIJL - Basics of Investigative Journalism
WSBLOG - Blogging as Reflection & Reputation
WSBLPL - Best Laid Plans: Revision Writ Large
WSBWBF - The Angel on your Shoulder (1 day)
WSCHWR - Chicago Writing
WSCSSS - Strong Story Starts: How to Leap Out of the Slush Pile
WSDWSS - Dramatic Writing: Soul Source
WSECAD - Effective Communication with People with Alzheimer's
WSEDYW - Editing Your Work
WSEECS - Communication Skills for Nonnative
WSEEEC - Effective Communication for Non-Native Speakers
WSEEPC - Professional Communication for Non-Native English Speakers
WSEEPS - Presentation Skills for Non-Native English Speakers
WSEEWW - Intensive Writing Workshop for Non-Native English Speakers
WSEONW - Elements of Novel Writing
WSEWBP - Effective Writing in Business and the Professions
WSFRJL - Introduction to Freelance Journalism
WSFTYF - Fine-Tuning Your Fiction
WSFWAW - Fiction Workshop-Alternate Weeks
WSFWEF - Experimental Fiction
WSFWES - Fiction Writing Essentials
WSFWFF - Flash Fiction
WSFYWA - Get Lost!: Finding Your Way to New Writing
WSGRAM - Essentials of Grammar
WSGWCN - Essay-A-Day: A Generative Workshop in Creative Nonfiction
WSGYBP - Getting It Out There: Publishing Your Work
WSHHRR - Hitting It Hollywood
WSIFWR - Intermediate Fiction Writing: Developing Your Story
WSINCN - Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
WSISSW - Intensive Short Story Workshop
WSJLWK - Getting the Story: Freelance Journalism Workshop
WSJSA5 - Jumpstart Series, Entire Series
WSJSA6 - Jumpstart Series
WSJSAM - Beyond Retelling: Exploring and Shaping Autobiographical
WSJSAS - Jumpstart Series
WSJSBG - Jumpstart Session: Beyond the Great Idea
WSJSBH - Jumpstart Session: Broken Heroes and Hidden Truths...
WSJSCH - Creating Characters as Alive as You Are
WSJSDI - Dynamic Dialogue
WSJSEL - Enriching Your Language: What Every Writer Can Learn...
WSJSFD - Jumpstart Session: Tackling the Fourth Dimension
WSJSFF - Forms of Fiction: Discovering Your Story
WSJSGS - """I Should Write a Story About That"""
WSJSMD - Jumpstart Session: Mastering Detail
WSJSNT - Building Narrative Tension
WSJSNW - Jumpstart Session: New Ways / New Work
WSJSSO - Jumpstart Session: Speaking Out: How to Write Compelling...
WSJSVC - Creating Vivid Voices
WSJSWO - Jumpstart Session: The World Outside the Story
WSJSWR - Jumpstart Sessions: Writing With Rhythm
WSLFDO - Learning from Dostoevsky
WSLFSH - Learning from Shakespeare
WSMMIM - Intermediate Memoir Writing
WSMMW2 - Memoir Writing II
WSMMWR - Memoir Writing
WSMSCS - Manuscript Consultation
WSMWEG - Memoir Writing: Exploring the Genre
WSMWER - Memoir Writing: Exploring the Retrospective Voice
WSMWES - Memoir Writing: Exploring Structure
WSMYAN - Writing the Middle Grade/Young Adult Novel: A Facilitated...
WSNLNF - Literary Nonfiction
WSONFJ - Introduction to Freelance Journalism (Online)
WSONPO - Poetry from the Outside (online)
WSONRF - Rapid Fire Fiction Writing
WSONWG - Online Writing Group
WSPCBK - Publishing Your Book for Children and Young Adults
WSPCOM - Persuasive Communication: Business and Professional Speaking
WSPFPW - Poetry for Prose Writers
WSPOET - Poetry Workshop: Breaking New Ground
WSPROS - Advanced Prose Workshop
WSPSES - Writing the Personal Essay
WSRFRI - Rapid Fire Fiction
WSRVCN - Where the Magic Happens: Revising your Creative Nonfiction
WSSBWK - Submissions Workshop
WSSCHH - Screenwriting: Hitting it Hollywood
WSSCWR - Screenwriting I: The First Draft
WSSENS - Jumpstart Session: Writing the Senses (5/21)
WSSFTM - Stealing From The Masters
WSSSFI - Short Short Fiction
WSSTRY - Storytelling Seminar: How to Tell Stories
WSSUCR - Creativity: How to Find it and Feed it
WSSUIN - Improving Interview Skills (1 day)
WSSUPY - Perfecting your Elevator Speech
WSSWRL - Screenwriting Workshop
WSSWSS - Screenwriting: Scenes and Subtext
WSTMIN - Writing the 10-Minute Script
WSTPOI - The Power of Intention
WSTPOP - Writing the Other: The Power of the Profile
WSTRWR - The Art of Travel Writing
WSTWLC - 13 Ways of Looking at Character
WSWAFW - Writing about Food and Wine
WSWCBK - Writing a Children's Book: Exploring the Opportunities
WSWCTS - Writing For Children: Telling Your Story to Young Readers
WSWNBS - Writing The Novel: Building Scenes
WSWNCC - Writing The Novel: Connecting With Characters
WSWNCH - Writing the Novel: Connecting Through Characters
WSWNCY - Writing Novels for Children and Young Adults
WSWNFV - Writing The Novel: Finding Voice(s)
WSWNGS - Writing the Novel: Getting Started
WSWNPS - Writing the Novel: Plotting Structure
WSWNWS - Writing the Novel: Workshop
WSWRPF - Writing for Solo Performance
WSWRTN - Writing the Novel
WSWSAD - Story-A-Day: A Generative Workshop in Fiction
WSWSSI - Writing the Short Story
WSWTMS - When the Music Stops: What to Do When You Are Not Writing
WSWTN2 - Writing the Novel 2
WSWWHD - What's a Writing Practice and How Do I Get One?
WSWYAV - Writing From Your Authentic Voice
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Basic Program: Core Curriculum
Basic Program: Core Curriculum Alumni
Basic Program: Open to All
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