The medical writing and editing certificate covers the fundamentals and best practices of crisp, clear, and sophisticated medical writing and editing. Courses are taught by active industry experts. The comprehensive curriculum ensures training in the industry standard of the AMA Manual of Style. Courses use real-world medical manuscripts and publications to teach students the fundamentals and best practices needed to enter the profession and to succeed as skilled medical communicators.

The goals of the medical writing and editing certificate are that learners will effectively:

  • Understand the profession of medical-technical writing and its unique characteristics
  • Understand the context of medical communication and the role of a proofreader or copy editor
  • Use the AMA Manual of Style as a writing and editing tool
  • Organize and present scientific information to different audiences

Courses and Preferred Order of Completion:

Six online courses: 5 core courses + 1 elective

Five online core courses to be completed sequentially.

  • MEWE30100 - Medical Copyediting
  • MEWE30200 - Fundamentals of Substantive Editing and Publication Ethics
  • MEWE30300 - Fundamentals of Writing and Research Ethics
  • MEWE30400 - Preparing Tables, Graphs, and Figures
  • MEWE30500 - Interpreting and Reporting Biostatistics

One online elective from the following list:

  • MEWE40100 - MEDLINE & Beyond: Medical Research Databases
  • MEWE40500 - Freelancing in Medical Writing & Editing
  • REGW11100- Introduction to Regulatory Writing

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