5 Courses Required

The University of Chicago's professional development certificate in Editing uses the Chicago Manual of Style as the foundation for developing the skills needed to enter the publishing industry or to advance the careers of current editing professionals in nine to twenty-four months, part-time. The online program with synchronous sessions focuses on building technical skills with instruction covering all levels of editing and marketing tools impacting the publishing industry. The program is enhanced through connections with the University of Chicago Press, with its editors among the instructors in the program.

The goals of the Editing certificate are that every learner will effectively:

  • Describe and manage the publishing process and the role and responsibility of the copy editor
  • Use the Chicago Manual of Style as an editing tool
  • Develop strategies for approaching an editing or proofing project

Courses and Sequence of Completion

Four online core courses to be taken sequentially plus one elective.

Core Courses (taken in sequential order)

  1. EDIT11100: Basic Manuscript Editing
  2. EDIT11200: Intermediate Manuscript Editing
  3. EDIT11300: Advanced Manuscript Editing
  4. EDIT11400: Editing Electronically

One Online Elective:

  • EDIT21100: Introduction to Acquisition Editing
  • EDIT21300: Introduction to Developmental Editing*
  • EDIT21400: Essentials of Grammar for Professionals
  • EDIT21500: Copyright for Publishing Professionals
  • EDIT21600: Developmental Editing for Fiction*
  • MEWE30100: Medical Copyediting
  • MEWE30400: Preparing Tables, Graphs, and Figures
  • MEWE40500: Freelancing in Medical Writing and Editing

*Specialization track in developmental editing

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