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In addition to a self-paced introduction to medical communications, the Healthcare Communications certificate offers professional development in three leading tracks of health communication, including patient education, healthcare advertising, and continuing education for healthcare professionals.

Through experiential learning and a curriculum that builds a solid work portfolio, students will learn and apply guidelines and best practices in drafting state-of-the-art communication for highly regulated, audience-focused medical communication. 

The comprehensive three-course track curriculum ensures training in rigorous industry standards. Courses use real-world communication samples and formats to teach students fundamentals needed to succeed as skilled medical communicators in thriving specialized and multifaceted areas of health communication.

Courses and Order of Completion: Students interested in full certificate completion are encouraged to take courses in the indicated order. However, each course track can be completed in any preferred order. Each course comes with an introduction to medical communications set a self-paced pre-module.

  • Writing for Patient Education
  • Writing for Healthcare Advertising
  • Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals 

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